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About us

Teqani is a specialized web portal under Technical Vocational Training Corporation, It it represents a bridge between the graduates of Techinal colleges and institutes and Jobs provided by business entities and gorvernment sectors. The Foundation shortened the distance between it's students who searching for career opportunities and government and private sectors by easily and efficient manner.

Teqani has accurate and effective reports platform that reflects very important information of majors, ages, jobs, proportion of TVTC Technical graduates based on majors and provinces that helps future planning in guiding students to the right majors that are needed in the market.

Teqani has a competitive advantage that is not available on all recruitment portals. Teqani is linked through GSB – Government Secure Network – which makes sure of the following:

  • All registered applicants information are authenticated and retrieved from their universities/institutes
  • All registered companies information are authenticated with MCI - Ministry of Commerce and Industry

Teqani also is linked with

  • HAFEZ program to know whether the applicant is employed or unemployed
  • GOSI
  • MCS


A high level of professionalism and standards, thank you very much for all the wonderful efforts

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